Sylvie Monthule Paris *Warning ADULT* Sylvie Monthule Insertable Egg

Sylvie Monthule Insertable Egg

Sylvie Monthule Insertable Egg


Imagine an extreme Jewelry created for your enjoyment ...

Objects of Pleasure, naughty, dressed in luxury and voluptuousness. Discover eggs, black and shiny, soft and smooth as velvet, penetranting.... prepared to exquisitely become the lover in you!

Choose the size that suits you ... 34 ... 28 mm or Once inserted into your sex or more secret places, pleasure gradually overwhelms you. Every step, every movement fills you will sensation. The Egg, remains firmly in place. Only the black drop hanging from the chain dances between your thighs, betraying the presence of your Jewelry.

The vaginal or anal *egg* is cast in hypoallergenic glossy black resin, gold or silver plated chain is approx. 5.5". small satin bow and mini black resin dangle.

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